Web Research & Data Entry

Web Research

Web Research Services is one of the top internet marketers globally. Data Entry Service offers premium web research services in a variety of subjects and areas. If you own a business and require consultation on some aspect, we have experts and guides who can provide you the best advice in Internet and online marketing strategies. Besides research on business trends, strategies, and products, we also offer web research on a variety of subjects such as history, politics, medicine, law, literature and more.

Awareness regarding business prospects and periodic expert advice is crucial in any business. Once you entrust us with the job of researching current market trends related to your business, we assign the job to the experts in our staff. The Internet holds material that is extremely wide in its accuracy, reliability and value. The experienced researchers among our staff can easily discern what is right and what is wrong. Our web research service can be utilized by researchers, students and others who are seeking some information or other. We provide information only after checking for credibility, accuracy, reasonableness, and support.

We have searched for data and information related to following business subjects : Opportunities, Market Size, Types of Products & their Classification, Characteristics, Specifications, Price, Available Packages, Trends & Innovation in Industry, Distribution Channels, Dealers, Distributors, Retailers, Top Competitors, Key Competencies, Strengths & Weaknesses, Marketing Strategies, Communication Practices, CRM Practices, Best Practices Followed by Industry, Development Stages For New Products, Case Studies, Key People & Others. We provide information and data compiled in an intelligent fashion i.e. easy read and understand format which includes Tables, Graphs, Pictures, Flow Diagrams & Charts to assist our customers in making right and speedy decisions.

Our Web Research Services including

  • Product market research
  • Reference material research
  • Internet Research and Reporting
  • Education and Business web research
  • Management and organizational web research
  • Web Search, address and email search and adding data to excel, access, CSV.
  • Searching the web and creating lists of target websites and then collecting information
  • Market research, survey, gathering information about competitors’ pricing.
  • Summarization of websites useful to both educators and students

Data Entry Services

Emerging concepts such as big data highlight just how valuable data is to entities. The potency of data cannot be tapped into if there is no mechanism for input. This is where we come in with our data entry services. We at Progthrive Tech Pvt. Ltd. offer data entry services to different types of organizations that prefer outsourcing their data entry function to performing it in-house. Based on client feedback, our strengths include a highly professional team and a unique approach to data entry.

Outsource Data Entry Services

We offer a wide variety of data entry services. Our data entry services include:-

  • Accounting & Book Keeping
  • Online Data Entry through Remote Desktop Server
  • Magentogo Website Product Data
  • Bookkeeping data entry in QuickBooksEntry
  • Copy Paste Name Labels From PDF to Excel and Word
  • Database Data Clean Up And Organized
  • Data Entry From PDF to Excel
  • Data Entry /Transfer of Business Directory Listings
  • BigCommerce Product Data Entry
  • Data Entry of Scanning documents and receipts
  • Order processing and data entry
  • Magento Listing Upload/ Product upload and update ecommerce
  • Web Data scrapping
  • Online Data Entry Services
  • Directory Services
  • Identity Card data entry
  • Application forms
  • Textual Data Entry
  • Data Entry/Adminstrative assitant/Medical data entry
  • Products Data Entry
  • Data Entry for Print Business Directory
  • Data entry website captcha
  • Data Entry into Excel from Scanned Document
  • Migrating Data from Joomla Website to WordPress
  • Data Entry of Questionnaires
  • Data Entry from Yellow Pages White Pages
  • Website Contacts Collection
  • Amazon Data Entry and Data Maintenance
  • Web research and data entry
  • Data Entry for RealEstate Investor
  • Data mining and entry into excel
  • Offline Data Entry Services
  • Books entry
  • Business cards entry
  • System data entry
  • Double Keyed Data Entry

Our Team Providing Data Entry Services

We have a team of highly professional data entry workers with vast experience of working with a plethora of businesses including in the medical sector, legal sector, scientific research sector and retail or sales based businesses. They are experts in offshore data migration, protection of company confidential records and creation of new data in projects where data is a critical resource.

Our Approach To Offshore Data Entry Services

Everyone at Progthrive Tech Pvt. Ltd. is proud to be associated with a unique approach to data entry that keeps our clients happy. We offer bespoke service plans to all our clients corresponding to their specific data entry project. These tailor-made service plans will help us outline all the logistics inherent in the data entry project. We then set out to deliver the highest levels of data quality and data accuracy with an expeditious turnaround. We offer output in various formats such as Text (.txt), Microsoft Word (.doc), Microsoft Excel (.xls), Microsoft Access (.mdb), and Microsoft Access Portable Document (.pdf) formats. The output can be delivered via E-mail, FTP upload or CD-R or CD-W.

The Different Quality Levels Of Offshore Data Entry Services

We appreciate the variety of data entry projects that exist. That is why we do not offer a one size fits all solution to our clients. Instead, we give our clients the liberty to choose different quality level options at the outset of any data entry project. We guarantee delivering the quality level option selected by a client at the start of the data entry project. The quality level options apply to all kinds of data from keyed data to OCR data. We give data accuracy assurance of up to 99.995%