About Us

We strive to provide our clients with experienced IT support business consultants. These elite consultants not only solve daily technical issues, but act as advisors to recommend and implement innovative technologies. By understanding our clients’ daily operations, we use our technical expertise to streamline business processes and provide customized technical support. Whether it’s consulting, onsite support, or routine maintenance, we focus on making your IT experience the best it can be.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is where projects become alive. Web projects become interactive pieces, able to be browsed online as desktop or mobile applications enter the development stage by releasing test installs on target devices. Servers connect to other servers using API integrations or custom SDKs and even embedded devices are able to be remote controlled.

  • VND can run search engine marketing initiatives, social media campagins and manage pay per click (PPC) campaigns to engage user acquisition. Additionally, we engage in webmaster agreements (where required) to provide month to month on going support for clients who demand the need.

  • VND has exclusive relationships with patent attorneys and has model its blueprint process to cater to any patent process. Pitching investors and preparing a business plan of action is easier when you have the backing we do.

  • Set project goals, design preferences, and functionality requirements. For smaller projects, we offer flat fee pricing. For larger projects, innovative app ideas or corporate solutions, we have an innovative blueprint process which helps the customer define all aspects of their new app ecosystem. This involves and its not limited to wireframes, flow charts, tech specs and a marketing plan of attack.

  • Our Design team will guide you from wireframe creation, color selection to final comp review. Our design services apply to web, desktop and even print/banner ads needed for your project.

  • We have a careful process for every project launch. Web sites are reviewed on a development environment, old links redirected to new pages so traffic is not lost and mobile apps are published to both Google Play and Apple Appstore following their specific guidelines.